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Prefabricated Granite(also called Pre-Fab)is the one of the major products of Xiamen ChongLian Stone. Our colors of Prefabricated Granite ranges from China Stone, Brazil Stone, India Stone, etc. Our Prefabricated granite are largely exported to USA, Europe. Please contact us for the details of our Prefabricated Granite

Giallo veneziano prefabricated granite
Giallo veneziano prefabricated granite
Blue pearl Prefbabricated Granite
Blue pearl Prefabricated Granite
Absolute black Prefbabricated Granite
Absolute black Prefabricated Granite
New venetian gold Prefbabricated Granite
New venetian gold Prefabricated Granite
Green butterfly Prefbabricated Granite
Green butterfly Prefabricated Granite
Uba tuba Prefbabricated Granite
Uba tuba Prefabricated Granite
Tan brown Prefbabricated Granite
Tan brown Prefabricated Granite
Santa cecilia Prefbabricated Granite
Santa cecilia Prefabricated Granite
Golden granite Prefbabricated Granite
Golden granite Prefabricated Granite
Dakota mahogany Prefbabricated Granite
Dakota mahogany Prefabricated Granite
Carioca gold Prefbabricated Granite
Carioca gold prefabricated Granite
Black galaxy Prefbabricated Granite
Black galaxy prefabricated Granite
Baltic brown prefabricated Granite
Balmoral rosa Prefbabricated Granite
Balmoral rosa prefabricated Granite
Antique brown Prefbabricated Granite
Antique brown prefabricated Granite
almond mauve Prefbabricated Granite
almond mauve prefabricated Granite
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